Our mission is to help guide children on a path that discovers confidence, builds community and inspires creativity beyond limits.

Street Kings was established in 2013 with just two classes a week, and today we train hundreds of students in our programs. Street Kings is based in Surrey, Langley and Vancouver, Street Kings is directed by owner Darylle Johnson. She is a pioneer of the Hip Hop dance scene in both choreography and freestyle in the Fraser Valley with over 25 years of industry expertise. Her guidance and a strong program help students to push their limits and enter the professional dance world!

Street Kings is a hip hop dance program for boys and girls of all ages and levels. Kids can learn all the latest moves from their favourite shows, as well as the classic dance styles such as Breakdance and Popping! We offer classes in both choreography, as well as freestyle. We believe that dance class is a place where kids can gain confidence, make new friendships, and explore their creativity.

Our Values:

Passion: Do what you love, express yourself and have fun exploring through movement.

Confidence: Believing in oneself makes it possible to achieve goals and dreams.

Community: A group of friends, family and support with aligned values and purpose.

Leadership: Exploration of self through trusted guidance and mentorship.

Growth: Change comes in all shapes and forms, and we aspire to continually learn & be open.