Our mission is to help guide children on a path that discovers confidence, builds community and inspires creativity beyond limits.

As Canada’s leading school for hip-hop dance, Street Kings was established in 2013 with just two classes a week. Today we train hundreds of students in our programs.

Our professional dance instructors focus both on choreography and freestyle for dancers of all ages and levels in a variety of street styles such as hip-hop, house, breaking, popping and waacking.



Based in Surrey, Langley and Vancouver, Street Kings is directed by owner Darylle Johnson. She is a pioneer of the Hip Hop dance scene in both choreography and freestyle in the Fraser Valley with over 25 years of industry expertise. Her guidance and a strong program help students to push their limits and enter the professional dance world!

We believe that commitment, communication, openness, mentorship, and motivation are essential values for a friendly and creative atmosphere where dancers are able to develop their potential.