What are all of the Dance Styles (Genres)?

Popping – Robot Style

Locking – Super funky / high energy

Hip Hop New School – choreography based / sequence of movements

Hip Hop Grooving – non-choreo / follow along 

Breaking Powermoves – All the tricks + flashy moves

Breaking Footwork – The dance part of breaking

Waacking – Funky and “girly” / lots of arm movements

House – Funky and a lot of cool footwork / high energy class

Dance Hall – It’s like hip hop grooving, but with Jamaican music

Non-Performing Programs

Do we get to perform at the Year End Show?

No, this is a class with no strings attached and pure fun.

Home Stage

Where do we perform?

All Home Stage teams will perform at our year end show in June.

Battle Technicians

Where do we perform?

All Battle Technicians teams will compete for a spot in our Year End Battle in June during the final week of seasonal classes. The finalists will have the chance to battle in the finals in front of hundreds of people!

Students enrolled in the Battle Technicians program will also attend field trips to local dance battles! How fun!!


Local & World Stage

Where do we perform?

Local Stage will participate in 3 competitions plus any finals or nationals competitions if they qualify. If the finals or nationals competition is out of town, it will be up to the directors discretion if we participate as a studio.

World Stage will participate in the same competitions as Local Stage, as well as 1-2 international competitions!

All Local & World Stage teams will perform at our year end show in June.

What Happens At Competition?

All of our students are to arrive dressed and ready, with their hair and make up done 2 hours in advance.

Please arrive in your Street Kings Hoodie, Crew Neck, or T-Shirt. It’s Game Day, we gotta rep!

Competition Fee(s)

Each competition entry is approximately $65 per team/per event, however amounts will vary. International competitions may be priced different.

Choreographer Fee(s)

World Stage teams will usually have additional fees for choreography/extra rehearsals.

World & Local Stage teams will share the cost of hosting at least one instructor/choreographer(s) at each out of town competition. These fees will include a shared expense of hotel accommodation, and possibly airfare if traveling by plane. All expenses are distributed between our entire dance team, and is a small amount when shared; the amount(s) will be added to the competition fees charged to your account.

Competition Deposit(s)

The competition deposit schedule is based only on a potential value. For example, If your dancer is only in one competitive routine, they may not reach the amount due for the first deposit, and will not be required to pay more deposits. In case of this scenario, the accounts holders will be credited any over charge and will not be required to pay more than the applicable competition fees, which will vary.

Deposit Schedule:

  • Competition Fee Deposit #1 $125 September 15
  • Competition Fee Deposit #2 $125 October 15
  • Competition Fee Deposit #3 $125 November 15
  • Competition Fee Deposit #4 Final Balance. January 15

Solo, Duo & Trio

Where do we perform?

Solo Duo Trios do not perform at the year end show, unless otherwise noted. Routines will enter the 3 studio-wide local competitions with the Local & World Stage crews and will have the option to select 3 additional competitions from our preselected list. This must be submitted by September 30th.

Please request a Solo Duo Trio application form & info package for more detail.