How Do I Pick My Classes?

If you are not sure what class to pick, the best bet is to give us a call. Our awesome staff is going to help you find the best fit! 778-833-2623

What If I Have No Experience?

We a ton of beginner classes on our schedule! Majority of the dancers at our studio started with absolutely zero experience. We will work with everybody! You can pick a ‘beginners‘ class on our schedule to start.

What If I Am Nervous?

You are not alone! It can be intimidating to come to a new space. We are super welcoming and ready to show you around. Come see our staff in the lobby!

What Should I Wear To Class?

Wear a clean pair of indoor sneakers and some stretchy / loose clothes! We don’t recommend shorts and please no skirts/dresses or clothing that can flip up. Also bring some water because you will sweat! We have cubbies in the studio where you can store your belongings during class.