Jun 8

Year End Battle

Please stay tuned.

More event details to be confirmed.

Why Should I Come?

This is the place that you will see dancers conquer their fears. Most of these students train the entire year to enter this battle, and your support in attendance is what makes these events possible.

Do I Have To Attend?
The event is mandatory for Battle Technicians and New Era Flow students.  Home, Local & World Stage students are suggested to come support.

Where Will The Battle Be Held?

How Do I Buy Tickets?
Tickets can be purchased through Street Kings front office, and on your Dance Studio Pro portal. Tickets will go on sale in May.

Can I bring my Toddler/Baby?

Everyone is welcome! Please note the music will be very loud. We recommend ‘Children Hearing Protectors’ which can be purchased online. (See here).

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets are $15 per entry plus GST for children, youth and adults.

Toddlers/Babies are Free.

Can I Buy One Ticket And Share With Another Person?

We have a strict policy of one ticket per person. Please do not ticket-share.

Can I Pick Up My Child Before The Event Is Over?


Do You Offer Refunds?

Refunds are not offered for Year End Battle sales.