Dec 12

December Workshops – Jaybee Baganu

Our monthly workshops program is exclusive to the Local & World Stage dancers (and Solo Duo Trios).

The program brings all teams into one classroom to learn together and gain insight from some of the top instructors of their field, both local and international.

Pre-registration is not necessary, and attendance is expected. The schedule will be as follows, unless otherwise noted:



The workshop will include a music seminar (so bring your notebooks) – we will learn that most of the time we are taught more things about movement and less on music itself.  Students will learn how to have a better understanding of it and balance it out more no matter what focus we have in dance. Jaybee will help teach how to count to ANY song, ANY style whether you know the song already or not – so that ties into knowing how to adapt to the SOUND quality of the many layers a song offers. (Freestyling, eliminating choreo block, better pick up in class, etc.) True musicality is more than just “cool moves” and “cool textures”.
There will be rhythm/clapping/counting exercises we will do as a group too. Afterwards we will do an hour of physical movement 🤗🤗


4:30-6:00 pm – Beginner / Intermediate Teams

6:00-7:30 pm – Kings + Squires + Ultra Animation Only


All workshops will be held at Street Kings studio.