Mar 17

Choreo Challenge w/ Victor Lau

This is your chance to make your own concept video! The winner of this contest will teach a workshop on March 17 and Victor Lau will help you to space/block your dance that will be filmed on a separate date!

Pre-registration is required for this particular workshop. An invitation video will be emailed to you in February with important instructions. MAKE SURE TO REPLY & RSVP BEFORE THE DEADLINE (Deadline available in the email). Also, for this March workshop, you can select which workshop you’d like to attend, based on your skill level. Please make sure to inform us which one you plan to attend no later than the deadline in the email!

Based on the RSVP list, our coaching team will place dancers in teams of 2. You will receive your partner placement by email 4 weeks in advance of the workshop. The rest of the details will be in the instructional video…. stay tuned!




6:00-8:00 pm – Tuesday, March 17

There will be a separate filming date for this event. Stay tuned!