Jun 7

Year End Show

Please stay tuned.

More event details to be confirmed.

Why Should I Come?

This is the one opportunity of the year where our entire dance fam will be under one roof. This is the event that we build towards at the end of the year, and you can be a part of the big picture. A huge part of Street Kings is that we encourage and uplift one another – your attendance is upholding our studio values.

Do I Have To Attend?
The event is mandatory for Home, Local & World Stage students.  New Era Flow and Battle Technicians students are suggested to come support.

Does My Solo/Duo/Trio Perform At This Event?
We may invite a few select solo/duo/trio routines to perform, however due to time restrictions not every routine will perform.

How Do I Buy Tickets?
Tickets can be purchased through The Act Theatre website. We will post a link here when it becomes available. Tickets are not available through Street Kings directly.

How Much Are Tickets?

Tickets are $23 per seat plus GST.

Does my Toddler/Baby need a ticket?

Children ages 2 & under do not require a ticket if they are sitting on your lap. All children and adults occupying a seat will need a ticket.

Can I Buy One Ticket And Share With Another Person?

We have a strict policy of one ticket per person. Please do not ticket-share.

Can I Pick Up My Child Before The Show Is Over?

Children ages 2.5-4.5 may be picked up from the backstage area after the show. If your child requires a seat in the audience, please pre-purchase a seat for them.

For safety purposes, children/youth ages 5+ will be required to stay backstage until the end of the show.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Refunds are not offered for Year End Show sales.