Ai Okanaka

Hi, my name is Ai Okanaka! I am living here in Vancouver and originally from Japan! In my class, you will not only learn the skills and basics of dance, but I will teach you how you can love dancing even more! I will teach you how to dance choreography in a more stylized and cool way, and how you can connect with yourself through dance and feel good with exactly who you are!

When I was a kid, I grew up in a dance studio where I was younger and I got to see the value of older kids pursuing dance at a really young age. I received a lot of knowledge and love from my teachers, and this really helped me in my life. I am always inspired as a teacher when I see kids dance, and their growth motivates me to be a better teacher and dancer.

I encourage everybody to have fun and trust their teammates, because if you can have fun dancing, it will feel and look better! Secondly, dancers need to trust themselves! I want to build trusting relationships with the students where we can learn and grow together. Third, I hope for parents to trust the amazing studio and facilities and their kids, because we all do our best in each moment.

I think growth comes from trusting and being open minded, and I look forward to this seasons journey with you all!

My inspiration: People around me who continually work on themselves to grow and achieve their goals.

Specialty: Hip Hop, Waacking, and Locking

Dancing since: 7 years old!

Teaching since: 16 years old in Japan