Every pro was once a amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.

Intro – Looking to start out from scratch, or have a little bit of experience? This is the level for you to brush up on some beginner skills or to simply just get started.

Level 1 – Do you feel comfortable in a dance class but still need some guidance? Here is where you will learn intermediate foundations.

Level 2 – Are you looking to upgrade your skills and head towards advanced classes? This is a great level to push your abilities and gain more confidence.

Level 3 – Do you want to challenge yourself? This is an advanced level that requires much self discipline. In this level, you are ready to take on any challenge.

Level 4 – Are you a professional, or pre-professional? Choose this level if you are pursuing a dance career, or you take your hobby extremely seriously.

Open – For classes that have students with ranging abilities.