Locking (Funk Styles)

“The best dancers don’t always win, it’s the best entertainer.”

– Don Campbellock

Brief History:

Locking is a funk style dance that was created in the 1970’s by Don Cambellock. It uses large and exaggerated rhythmic movements that are tightly synced with the music. Locking is performance oriented, often interacting with the audience by smiling or giving them a high five, and the moves can sometimes be quite comical in nature.

Is It For Me?

Locking is happy and funky upbeat dance style. Join this class if you’re ready for some fun!

What Kind of Music?

Locking was originally danced to traditional Funk music, such as that produced or performed by James Brown.

What Programs Offer Locking?

New Era Flow

What Classes Pair Well With Locking (Funk Styles)?

Waacking, House, Stage, Grooving and Stretch