Brief History:

The core values of Waacking include celebrating individuality, self-expression, freedom, storytelling, and drama. The arm rolls that originate in the shoulder, elbow, then wrist and travels over the head and back down to one’s side were inspired by martial arts and the use of nunchucks. Although Waacking is now often seen choreography, its original contexts were freestyle jams and battles.

Is It For Me?

Waacking is upbeat and exciting. The style has a feminine tone, however both boys and girls love the class.

What Kind of Music?

Waacking is traditionally danced to Disco music from the 1970’s, however dance is evolving and you will often see Waackers dancing to popularized music!

What Programs Offer Waacking?

Local Stage, Battle Technicians & New Era Flow

What Classes Pair Well With Waacking?

House, Animation and Stretch