Battle Technicians – (class 27) (add this class and classes 20 + 24 + 29 + 32)

Doesn’t matter how many skills you have if you don’t know how to use them.

Commitment Level: Medium

Required Events: Year End show *If qualifying.

What Will I Learn In This Program?

Dancers will learn battle strategies, freestyle concepts, character development, and techniques in Waacking, House and Locking.

Learning how to become a freestyle dancer can help dancers immensely when they begin to create choreography, as they already know how to improvise quickly.

What Classes Are Included In This Program?

Waacking, House, Popping, Freestyle & Stretch

What Do I Need to Know About Battles?

It’s a fun community building event where dancers learn how to put their technique in the present moment of the music. Dance to any kind of music.

Program Pre-Requisites:

We recommend at least one year of Waacking, Popping & House.

Does This Class Require Audition?

All Battle Technician programs are by submission. If you are interested in joining this program, please inquire with Street Kings.

How Many Classes Can I Miss Per Season?

We do not recommend more than 3 absences for Battle Technicians.

Are there performances?

We will attend up to 4 local dance battles which are usually off-site.

On the last week of class in June, dancers will go head to head to earn a spot in finals at the Year End Show.

Why Do You Mix Age Groups?

All of our classes at Street Kings are mixed age groups intentionally because this allows the older kids to become mentors, and  the younger kids to be inspired. This is Dance With No Limits!

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