Local Stage: Hip Hop “Kings” (class 002) (add this class and classes 001+004+005)

Attend competitions, develop professionalism, and achieve greatness!

What Will I Learn In This Class?

Assessment required, contact studio.
Local Stage competes locally (3 times) and performs at the year end show.
Requirements: 4:30-9:00 pm Team & Technique practices

Additional Fees: Costume, Workshops, Competition, Media
This program is a package of 4 classes (Team Kings) from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm, please enroll to this class and in classes 001, 004 and 005.

What Classes Are Included In This Program?

Hip Hop Choreography, New School Hip Hop, Funk Styles & Stretch NEF.

Program Pre-Requisites:

We recommend at least one year of Hip Hop & a Funk Style (Waacking, Popping, House or Locking).

Commitment Level: High

Required Events: Year End show, Dress Rehearsal, Local Stage Competitions &  Seasonal Workshops (See Events)

Does This Class Require Audition?

Yes, all Local Stage programs require audition. We can arrange in class assessments, or private auditions if you missed our audition date.

How Many Classes Can I Miss Per Season?

No more than 3 absences for Local Stage teams.

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