World Stage: Hip Hop “GGG” (class 007) (add this class and classes 015, 016 and 018)

Travel internationally, experience new culture and train at a semi-professional level.

Tell Me More About This Program:

The world stage dancers are also required to join one local stage and the Battle Technicians program. They will participate in 4-6 competitions per season, and the team will attend in all of the same activities as Local Stage including the year end show.

The purpose of this program is for students to experience dance at a professional level, and to advance their skills beyond limits. Dancers in world stage must be very passionate, positive, dedicated and prepared to commit many hours per week in independent preparation.  There will be extra rehearsals and this team is the kids #1 commitment.

What Classes Are Included In This Program?

Hip Hop Choreography, Foundations, and Stretch, as well as the Local Stage & Battle Technician programming.

What Do I Need to Know About World Stage Competitions?

Please make sure to pencil in our September Parent Meeting, and check our competition info Here!

Program Pre-Requisites:

We recommend at least two years of Hip Hop & 3 Funk Style (Waacking, Popping, House or Locking).

Does This Class Require Audition?

Yes, all World Stage programs require audition. We can arrange in class assessments, or private auditions if you missed our audition date.

Commitment Level: Very High

Required Events: Year End Show, Dress Rehearsal, Local & World Stage Competitions &  Seasonal Workshops (See Events)

How Many Classes Can I Miss Per Season?

No more than 3 absences for World Stage teams. There is a strict attendance policy for World Stage.

How Do Travel Plans Work For World Stage?

All dancers catch the same flight and stay at the same hotels. Please refer to our Parent Meeting in September for more info.

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